• 1. Innovation not instant perfection.
  • 2. Ideas come from everywhere.
  • 3. A license to pursue your dreams.
  • 4. Morph projects don’t kill them.
  • 5. Share as much information as you can!!!!
  • 6. Users, users, users.
  • 7.Data is apolitical.
  • 8. Creativity loves constraints.
  • 9.You’re brilliant? We’re hiring.

These are good guidelines to work by to succeed in what you want to do/become!

(c) Richard Truex 2012-2013 all rights reserved.

December 15, 2013

This is a well designed, scalable, informative, social, investing community that IMHO would be a great addition to Yahoo! Finance.  Lots of ways to integrate advertising and other Yahoo! investing services.

This is an amazing content provider that would be a great crossover between Yahoo! Screen and Yahoo! Finance.  Even if you just found a way to re-broadcast his shows it would be a good idea.  They have a new investing tool coming out that would be huge for Yahoo! Finance to promote.

It is a big deal that the Yahoo! mail system went down.  Even bigger about how long it took to get fixed.  It would be even bigger problem if any companies had been using Yahoo! mail


November 12, 2013

Can there be a reason to keep Yahoo! Answers?  The Internet has Wikipedia and excellent search products.  What value does Yahoo! Answers provide?  Why doesn’t Yahoo! provide the bandwidth and hosting for Wikipedia and get some good PR in return?  Do Yahoo! Answers points mean anything in this world?   But, then again, if all you want to do is sell ad placements and this gives Yahoo! a cheap way to sell them and the product managers can’t think of anything better then by all means, keep this meaningless stuff around.

August 24, 2013

Come on.  How can this be the Yahoo! Product Page? It is not mobile friendly.  Take a look. Bad user experience.

Is there a method for showing Profit / Loss for each of those products?  I can’t believe most are making money.  Take Notepad and put it into Yahoo! Mail or can it.

Voices is a blogging service.  It needs a great search engine, ahem…  Please make a bid for WordPress.  Give Yahoo! Voices contributors a free WordPress hosted blog.

I know getting new talent is top priority…but simplifying this mess of a platform really needs to happen sooner than later.  No doubt everything is more complicated than it looks but nothing could say re-org more than that page shows.  I am a huge fan of turning Yahoo! into a supreme platform.

I have a theory about the Logo Challenge / competition / change.  It is an exercise to make sure all product pages are linked to a single source or style sheet model.  Would Yahoo! be contemplating a name change or need some other control?  Maybe it is to start the Yahoo! art motif daily banner service.  I am sure it is some branding effort and well needed.  There were probably 1000 or more logo files floating around the web and the pixels were clearly not all the same.

If Apple buys Netflix or Carl Icahn negotiates a merger they raise the stakes to control the Glass that most non-technical people use for informaiton…the TV…and they give Youtube and the Networks some real competition.  Remember that Ms. Jobs is Disney’s largest shareholder.  Hulu is the only other property and they don’t have a CDN.  Way too expensive to operate using multiple 3rd party CDN’s.  I say buy Akamai and Hulu together.  Be the platform.


August 2, 2013

So $FB moves to 38.05 on a YTD basis. That is a 35.89% increase YTD and thus beats Yahoo!’s (see why I hate that stupid !…..) increases.  Not by much…but enough.  It is a game of inches, points and lots of other technical minutia.  I was long on $FB and am long on $YHOO.  $FB is not so annoying with its advertising inserts.  I can easily ignore and go on my way.  $YHOO on the other hand is much more intrusive.  I don’t think I like that.


I really hate the change in Yahoo! Finance pages.  I used to be able to cache my credentials and stay logged in for extended periods of time.  Now, it asks me for my password frequently on a very annoying advertising page.  I am sure they are selling that page for a lot of money.  I am sure it is getting lots of page views.  I am sure it is not getting a lot of page clicks.  It is very annoying.  I wish every Yahoo that worked at Yahoo! had to enter their password 200 times a day.  See how they like it.  Yahoo! !!!! Don’t make life difficult.  Don’t push customers away.  I am going else where to find that information.  You will learn this only if you use the products you make and based on my review of the suggestion area on Yahoo! finance no one at Yahoo! is listening.  That is not good.

I will stop whining.  It is not very much fun.

What metrics are being used to measure performance at Yahoo! and where are they posted?  I would like to see them. The emphasis on stock value and other Wall Street metrics is really not the focus of the employees.  It is the result of focusing on things that customers like.  Really like.  The stock will go as the stock goes if there are happy customers.

Be Transparent.  Be Transformative.  Be Successful.

(Note: transformative appears as a misspelled word in the WordPress Editor but so does WordPress.)

July 17, 2013

Just looking at the stock performance $YHOO for today and comparing it to $FB Facebook.  $FB was up 1.25% and $YHOO was up 10.34% new multi-year highs.  That IS an accomplishment.  Is Alibaba behind the increase or is it the CEO’s leadership efforts?  (BTW $FB needs a +20% improvement to get to anywhere close to matching Yahoo! (please lose the !, please))  Oh, let me answer that last question.  It is both.  But it is time for Marissa Mayer to kick it up a notch.  What would you do with, ummm, $60B in cash and $0.00 in debt?

Carriers are moving to low cost unlimited plans with unsubsidized hardware.  BYOD!

Who owns the IOS owns the GLASS…three players (Apple, Google, MSFT) cause they own the app stores.

It is time to bring out the Free Yahoo! phone.  Unlocked.  Pick a carrier.  Open.  It is brought to you by the Ad Revenue from YAHOO!  I know where you can get this phone.

Last thought, it would be interesting to see what Cheryl Sandberg would do with Facebook if she were truly in-charge.  Would it still be worth 60% of the IPO value?  I think it would go up in value.

June 2013

Tumblr vs Automatic

Platform vs Content

I would take platform over content.  20% of all blogs today are being built with WordPress.


  • About 500 million pages in Google.
  • #10 on SEOmoz’s top 500 domains.
  • #14 on the majestic million.


  • About 70 million pages in Google.
  • #24 on SEOmoz’s top 500 domains.
  • #44 on the majestic million.


May 7 2013 – Lets punk

You could put $300M into creating content – video content – and license it and make more money than the purchase of HULU.  Buying reruns, sitcoms, and shows that are watched only because “nothing else is on” is a WASTE OF MONEY tired old content for a generation that can’t spell ethernet.  Create a show about what it takes to run a tech company.  Create a show about how programmers really work and solve problems.  Create a show about the history of computing.  If you want to be in the Video Business buy AKAMI.  They own the only other distribution network to compete with Netflix and they make sense to buy IF Yahoo is a tech company.  That is still a big IF.

First decision is what glass do you want to own and how to attract and retain eyes.

Second decision is what operating system is going to power that glass.

Third decision is what network will connect those devices together seamlessly.

I will tell you the fourth decision if you ask me.

April 9 2013 – Yahoo still needs a phone

Having a mobile strategy without a phone is a dead end. Apple, Google, Samsung have a phone.  Is Yahoo a content company or a Technology company?  If Yahoo truly is a Technology company then it needs a phone.

  • Blackberry is almost an android (that ship has sailed).
  • Nokia has to have Microsoft (that ship is sinking).
  • UBUNTU is a possibility (this ship needs a captain).

I removed HULU (overvalued & irrelevant) and NOK (MSFT will take them down and you don’t want to be on that ship) nokia from the possible acquisitions list.

March 20 2013 – where is the Yahoo! Web 2.0

Google is dropping its reader.  Yahoo has a horrible RSS reader that is part of the Y! home page.  Buy Feedly and Flipboard and get those integrated (so people can get their blog content).  More here on Mashable

March 12 2013 – hire passionate people

Find people with a passion and the ability to Lead.  People like Marissa

March 8 2013 – Don’t buy a dog!

There are lots of companies that want to be bought.  I would recommend staying away.  They have already played out.

  • Yelp
  • Zynga
  • Pinterest

I would focus on the Cloud companies that will help build a platform for mobile collaboration.

Flipboard on the other hand makes some sense for the mobile content platform.

March 6 2013 – I wonder if everyone at Yahoo! uses Yahoo! Mail.

I bet the Yahoo! Mail product would be significantly better if everyone at Yahoo! used Yahoo! mail as their mail system every day.  I think the term is eat your own cooking and the many variations.  I bet, Yahoo! has internal systems different than what they sell.

Change the culture indeed!  Work at work!  Use what you sell!

Forbid internal employee users from getting on Google, Facebook and Youtube….etc

See what products get created.

Feb 26 2013 –  “The best way to market a Circus is to hire a clown”

I don’t know what it will take on the inside of Yahoo to bring it’s “A-game”.  I leave that to the management team in place.  Get on with the acquisition of some real mobile platform and strategy (hardware, OS, Apps) and less on content plays for the mobile market.  Build the best sustainable infrastructure with the best development tools and let the world create your business.  Make Yahoo OPEN for SUCCESS.

Voice, Video, Data

I am adding Voxer to my acquisition list today.  Replace Yahoo IM with Voxer and link it to Flikr.  Add a business edition and wrap it around Yahoo Enterprise Mail.  Look at COCOMO and Ray Ozzie or better yet make that acquisition also.


Feb 12 2013 –

Yahoo acquires Alike and turns off their service.  Another personnel acquisition.  It seems clear something is being designed and built for a mobile phone app.  I still think the strategic direction should be more platform acquisitions as discussed on Feb 6.  The stock got a good kick from the news…so maybe there is more there….?

Feb 6 2013 –

the Market seems to want Yahoo! / Marissa to make some big whopping change.  So, I think it should be the acquisition of Canonical / UBUNTU.  It gives them an operating system, a mobile platform, an app store, something hip, something open-source.  It gives them a server and desktop platform.  Combined with my suggestion to acquire / support Mozilla, Yahoo! could also have a browser and more mobile developers.

Buying back stock is not amazing.  It is not going to make you a leader.  Buying back stock looks like you are taking Yahoo! to the cleaners.  Spend the money.  Do something.  Do something big.  Take a risk.  Build something really fresh.

Sep 1 2012

My list of things Yahoo! should do as of September 1 2012

  • Lose the ! – it is not necessary (credit to Sean Parker)
  • Change the jingle – it sounds like an add for a soft drink
  • Change company strategic mission from a media company to a technology platform
  • Make the homepage a clean search page – no adds (it’s not an original idea but it needs to be done)
  • Consolidate into a revised search engine.  Integrate wiki into the yahoo search.
  • Consolidate into a revised search engine.  Integrate wiki capabilities into the yahoo search.

Who will become the Wal-Mart of the internet?  Will it be Wal-Mart, Amazon, Ali-Baba…?


Yahoo cannot currently provide a business with the collaborative tools it needs.  Email, File Sharing, Unified Communications, Presentation / Meeting Room, CRM ! is web 1.0 it needs to be upgraded!



  • Potential Acquisitions  [market cap]
    • OpenDNS & Nuestar [2.5B]
      • You have to have DNS to run the internet
    • Canonical / UBUNTU
      • A good mobile phone strategy play
    • Couchbase [~10M]
    • Hulu [up to 2B]
      • HULU is not worth much without content deals
    • Opera (or give Mozilla a 20 year contract),
    • Automattic (WordPress) [~300M-500M]  (someone else agrees click here)
    • Intuit [17.2B] – Yahoo Finance integration and trading
    • Akamai [6.6B]- content delivery especially video
    • Sprint [14.5B] & HP webOS Division [~50M]
    • AMD [2.6B] – use as internal server / desktop platform
    • Bluestacks [??] – android apps for intel platform
    • NOKia [9.8B] – be the third dog running Windows, Android, WebOS
      • this is no longer a good idea…
    • EGHT [420M] – VOIP
    • Doubletwist – Musicplayer (mobile, desktop)
    • Voxer – Mobile Chat, Voice, Pics
    • CoCoMo –
  • Negotiate a contract to be twitter’s search engine and trend management system